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Want To Be More Focused?
Go Brush Your Teeth

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Want To Be More Focused?
Go Brush Your Teeth

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So I can’t smell your breath or anything from here,  but when was the last time you brushed your teeth, and what were you doing during that time?

The last part of that question is essential when it comes to being more focused and here’s why. A vast majority of the time when people are brushing their teeth they are focused on… brushing their teeth! Nothing else, just that one action.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I will walk to the kitchen or my bedroom at the same time. However, it’s never a good idea as, as I’m walking with my electric toothbrush working its way around my mouth, toothpaste mixed with saliva ends up on the floor – sounds gross, but we are all about keeping it real.

When we focus on more than one thing, our focus and attention becomes divided. When you focus on one thing you’re able to give it 100% of your undivided time and attention.

Here’s what happens when you switch to working on something else – that first task or project gets 40% of your time. The other 40% goes to the second thing because you’ve divided your time and attention. The remaining 20%? Lost due to a lack of focus and concentration.

Instead of switching between tasks and projects, the key is to do one thing and do it well just like when you brush your teeth. Let’s break down the process to become more focused step by step.

1. What is the number one thing you need to get done today or tomorrow?

This is about prioritising what’s most important to you because it will give you the drive and motivation to get it done.

2. Why do you need to do it?

Think about the impact of doing what you need to do will have on your day, week, career, business or whatever the case may be.

3. What can help you to get it done?

Identify something to prompt you. For example, a calendar invite in your phone alerting you to get started or an activity prompt such as right after you have eaten breakfast.

4. What steps will you need to take?

Pinpoint what action steps you need to take. This will help you to create a timeline (start to finish).

5. How will you celebrate?

This may sound silly, but every time I brush my teeth I smile at how clean they are in the mirror. Then I take a shot of mouthwash. Celebrating doesn’t have to be something big, it can be something small to reward yourself once you have achieved what you set out to.

Example to bring it to life:

What: I need to brush my teeth when I wake up

Why: nothing beats having a clean mouth

Prompt: When I get up to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning

Action: Pick up my electric toothbrush, wet it, add toothpaste, put it in my mouth, turn it on, turn it off after 2 minutes, floss and rinse.

Celebrate: Smile at the shine in the mirror and take a shot of mouthwash. Done!

 There you have it. 5 simple steps to become more focused which are as easy as brushing your teeth! Now using those 5 steps create a process for the next thing you need to work on.

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Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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