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SSA 079: The Power of Playfulness with Alara Sage

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Alara Sage

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Alara Sage works with ambitious, female leaders and professionals who are highly successful but feel unfulfilled and lonely in love, life, and relationships.

She helps them reawaken their sexual power as a woman so that they can magnetise deep intimate connection, pleasure, and wealth…without sacrifice.

Alara Sage is an intuitively gifted mentor, teacher, and healer who coaches provocatively and soulfully. She has over 15 years of experience helping others reignite and transform their own lives. More importantly, she has walked the walk.

During this episode, Alara and I have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • How playfulness opens up our 3 Creative Centres
  • Tapping into, and unlocking your inner playfulness
  • The impact of shame and how it may transpire in one’s life
  • How to bridge the gap of playfulness in everyday life
  • Some causes of fatigue and how to habit stack
  • The thing that stops us from experiencing deep, intimate connection with ourselves and others

Connect with Alara:

The 3 steps to Self trust

This series will deepen the relationship to yourself, allowing for clearer intuition, connection and conviction.

Videos include:

  • Boundaries Of Self
  • Honesty Of Self
  • Showing Up For Self

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