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Are you trusting your gut? You know that feeling you get in your gut when something just doesn’t seem right? That’s your intuition, or your “gut feeling”, telling you to pay attention. It happened to me recently, and I actually didn’t give that powerful inner tool the attention I should have… Our gut feelings are there for a reason – to protect us and guide us. But in order to trust our gut instinct, we need to be able to listen to it. The decision to trusting your gut is a choice and when I made the choice not to trust it, the result wasn’t great, but it was a learning experience and one that I needed because going off allowed me to completely separate myself from the situation. In this episode, I share the below and more.

  • What is “gut instinct” and why should you trust it?
  • How can you tell when your gut is telling you something important?
  • Positive outcomes from trusting your gut
  • How to listen to your gut and trust it more often
  • Should you ignore your gut feelings, even if they’re uncomfortable?

Our gut feelings are there for a reason, and trusting your gut helps to protect and guide you. But trusting your gut instinct, requires the ability to listen to it. Pay attention the next time you have an uneasy feeling or a hunch about something – there’s probably a good reason for it.

Hit play and join me for another transparent episode.

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