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SSA 069: Nutrition & Fertility with English Goldsborough

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Photo Credit: English Goldsborough

English is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specialises in helping couples conceive the baby of their dreams in the least invasive way possible. She uses the combination of in-depth lab work & the power of targeted nutrition to help couples get down to the root cause of their imbalances & restore their innate ability to conceive a healthy baby.

During this episode, English and I have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • Some of the most common underlying causes of infertility
  • Good foods to eat and our opinions on juice cleansing
  • Some of the things people can start doing to improve fertility if they wish to do so
  • Why women tend to take on the burden of infertility
  • The issue with the label ‘infertile’

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