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SSA 067: Declutter & Redesign Your Life with Tonia Cordi

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Tonia is committed to helping individuals define and create their ideal lifestyles and/or businesses.

She started her career as a teacher and after 12 years, in 2014, Tonia decided that she wanted to follow her passion of helping people create spaces to match their ideal lives. Soon after starting TSS, she realised that while an organised space can be transformative, it was only the first step in making space to grow and evolve. Tonia started to apply her background in education, the arts, and psychology — along with trial and error — to create an integrated process for individuals to meet their intentions, goals, and values.

The process of organising your inner and outer world allows you to become more present, focused, and able to make decisions that match your intentions and values.

During this episode, Tonia and I have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • The five steps to declutter and redesign your life
  • How our inner patterns reflect in our spaces and how we spend our time
  • Are you using 80% of everything in your home? This really got me thinking!
  • Creating an environment that supports your mental health
  • Habit tracking – paper and pencil or apps?
  • Tips and life hacks that don’t help with creating lasting change

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