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SSA 060: Relationships & Intimacy with Beck Thompson

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Beck Thompson is an award-winning Dating & Relationship Coach, number 1 international best-selling author and the owner and founder of The Relationship Circle – a no BS relationship coaching that digs deep, gets to the truth and supports you in creating new behaviours and patterns that re-energise and revitalise your relationship as well as create resilience – reconnecting strong bonds that make you feel whole again.  

Working with individuals or couples she supports you to uncover the real issues and find strategies to reconnect and build relationship resilience. She can help you find your way to a more loving, compassionate relationship that remains true through any of life’s storms. 

Drawing on over 10 years in counselling, social work and life coaching, Beck’s no nonsense, deep approach seeks to understand what’s happening for you and your partner now.  Beck works with you to identify the issues and change behaviour patterns for each person in a compassionate and loving way which allows you to find your way back to each other.  With honesty, openness and support, Beck will help you reestablish strong bonds that can endure life’s challenges. 

During this episode, Beck and Danielle have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • The importance of communication in relationships and truly listening to each other
  • How couples can reignite the spark within their relationships
  • Love languages and learning how to full your own love tank through selfcare
  • Different relationship attachment styles
  • The 4 predictors of a relationship ending and Love is Blind on Netflix!

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