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SSA 059: Breathwork & Sexuality with Sara Silverstein

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Photo Credit: Sara Silverstein

Sara is a gal who has lived a few lifetimes in one. Starting in NYC in a cubicle to climbing the ranks towards six figures – she threw it all away to travel the world and become a Breathwork Facilitator. After some months on the road, Sara found home in Bali and hunkered down to start her business. Sara is dedicated to leading people back to themselves with the breath so they can free themselves from anxiety, depression and an overactive mind. Once she established that business, Sara branched out into Female Sexuality and Aura Photography. Everything she does is centrally focused around bettering people’s lives in one way or another!

During this episode, Sara and Danielle have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • Breathwork to release trauma
  • Looking at and getting to know your yoni (pussy palace)
  • Breathing yourself into an orgasm
  • Giving yourself permission to talk about sex
  • Aura photography and breathing to support your earning potential

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