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Squid Game was bloody brilliant. Yes it was deep but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially because there were so many life lessons throughout each episode. I was up until 3am yesterday morning watching it and I had to share 16 Life Lessons from Squid Game with you. Now, if you are yet to watch Squid Game and you want to I would recommend you come back to this episode once you have as there are spoilers linked to things that happened. If you’re not into Squid Game don’t skip this episode as there is something you will be able to take away from it for sure.

In this episode I talk about the below lessons and more:

  • Being careful of who you trust
  • Being careful of who you have sex with 
  • Valuing people who are truly genuine in your life
  • The importance of never limiting who you can learn from 
  • Dealing with trauma and not going back to what doesn’t serve you

Hit play and join me for another transparent episode.

What did you enjoy and/or take away from this episode? Share a comment and don’t forget to react to this episode with an emoji!

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