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SSA 045: Activating Your Feminine Energy with Alana McKenzie

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Photo Credit: Alana McKenzie

Feminine energy… have you activated yours? Alana was always a strong independent woman who didn’t need a man, but the thing was – she really wanted one.

She searched high and low, in multiple workplaces, through several educational institutions, and on 3 different continents. All she found were bad date stories, an accidental kidnapping, and the sincere belief that she was a failure in love.

In an effort to fix herself, she dove into the mating, dating, and connection research. She consumed every book, podcast, TedTalk, YouTube video, article, and course that came her way from top marriage therapists and dating experts. She began to see common threads in all of them, leading her to the concept of Feminine Seduction.

She applied the concept to her dating life and things began to turn around immediately. She was asked on more dates, had more effortless fun while dating, and created connections with men who would write to her for months and years after she left their countries. Eventually, she also found The One she was looking for.

As a bonus, she found a life path as a teacher and coach, empowering women to connect with their own seductive allure in order to create the love they yearn for.

Alana now lives in Portland, Oregon with her man and a jungle of houseplants. She is a coach and creator of the signature course, The Art of Feminine Seduction.

During this episode, Alana and Danielle have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • Alana defines feminine energy, and shares its meaning from a tantric perspective
  • The power of asking emotional questions in dating and relationships
  • The things Alana stopped doing (the 7 shifts) to embrace her feminine energy
  • How to know you are probably wasting your time and need to move on
  • The art of seduction and drawing someone in

Connect with Alana:

Alana’s Course:

You can learn more about The Art of Feminine Seduction through the link here.

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