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SSA 042: The Power Of Speaking Life Into Yourself with Kesha Williams

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Kesha is a beauty entrepreneur and makeup artist who is mainly known for her award-winning and inclusive cosmetic brand, ColorBlend Makeup. She is a mother of one and a multi-faceted lover of life who loves to connect soulfully with people and describes herself as duality personified – like yin and yang – loving tranquil and spiritual experiences as well as daunting and adrenaline-filled adventures. With a primary passion for beauty, Kesha is on a mission to provide more options for women of colour in the cosmetics industry.

During this episode, Kesha and Danielle have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • Hangups and limiting beliefs
  • A mothers love
  • Doing the work and speaking life into yourself
  • Keeping your options open when dating
  • Taking accountability and… Kesha asked, “why am I single?”🤔

Connect with Kesha & explore ColorBlend Makeup:

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