Helping women own their inner power to live a life that feels good.

In this episode, I share my experience of completing training to become a Mental Health First Aider which was life-changing for me and I’m so glad I now have the certification for it. It brought to the forefront even more of how important it is to prioritise mental health, as much as we do our physical health. I am not an expert on this topic, but I am super passionate and an advocate for mental health so this is me sharing my experience, learnings and journey. I take you through the mental health first aid action plan, how the stresses we carry in life can impact our internal container, and what can be done to release those stresses so they don’t become blocks that overflow into emotional distress and/or a mental health disorder. Hit play to listen to this episode.

May this episode serve you in some way and support you on your journey to owning your inner power.

Support Resources:

It is recommended you carry out your own research and do your due diligence before moving forward with a mental health provider and/or taking on advice.

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