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SSA 030: Owning Your Shit with Catherine Osaigbovo

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Photo Credit: Catherine Osaigbovo

Catherine is an unapologetic straight talker who was born in Nigeria but raised from toddler age in South London by her English side of the family. She had a great education, attending a private girls school, then studied Philosophy & Politics at Manchester University. She began her 25-year career in Recruitment doing secretarial hiring & then moved into HR recruitment subsequently which is where she still is. As well as being an HR recruiter she is the D&I Strategic Lead where her role is to create & deliver both the internal & external D&I strategy.

During this episode, Catherine and Danielle have an open and transparent conversation about the following topics and more:

  • Can you be your true self in a work environment?
  • Women and men as leaders and the differences experienced
  • Owning your greatness as a woman – fuck being humble Queens!
  • Finding a mentor to support your career journey
  • Respecting the differences of others (DIB – diversity, inclusion and belonging)

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