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SSA 001: Being True To Who You Are With Nadine Sandcroft

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Photo Credit: Nadine Sandcroft

Nadine Sandcroft is the Founder of Just Entrepreneurs. A platform dedicated to finding interesting ways to champion and support entrepreneurs across all industries. Just Entrepreneurs shares interviews, articles, news and other valuable content, making it the perfect place to find innovative concepts, coupled with expertise from those who are pioneers in their sector.

As Editor and Strategy Director, she is responsible for driving the brand, content, design, and innovation strategies that Just Entrepreneurs create for their readers. Central to this is framing the problems that our readers face in a clear and inspirational way for the editorial team and the design team to understand and take action, to ensure that the best content and creative solutions are delivered.

During this episode, Nadine and Danielle have an open and transparent conversation and converse about the following topics and more:

  • Not being responsible for the feelings of others
  • Sharing yourself authentically
  • Being unapologetic
  • Making choices for you
  • Not being afraid to fail

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