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SSA 000: Welcome To The She’s So Audacious Podcast

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I’ve had a number of podcasts over the years. Ones where I have followed the rules and methods of podcasts but I’m so over all of that. She’s So Audacious is about building a creating a personal connection with everyone who visits this website, listens to an episode, receives an email, reads a post or listens into a post and so much more! I’m not going to make you listen in to the same intro and outro over and over again, that’s just boring especially as you know what podcast you are listening to!

Join me for solo transparent messages and audacious conversations with guests from time to time. You can expect to listen into episodes that are unapologetically real, open and honest. From shifting your mindset, becoming more confident, using your voice, getting stronger through fitness, embracing your sexual power, creating space to dating and being open to love; my mission is to help you own your inner power by making bold moves to live a life that feels good. Ready to become Audacious? Hit subscribe and become part of the journey.

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