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Remember When You Wanted What You Now Have Now?

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Remember When You Wanted What You Now Have Now?

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Do you remember when you wanted what you have now? You know those moments when you sit back and think… “oh shit, I really did that!” Or “WOW, I remember the time when I wanted that and now I actually have it.”


There was a time when I prayed and wished for some of the things I have now. I bought a small black journal years ago to write down my conversations with God. Anytime I flick through it and read through some of the things I wrote, it amazes me how my life has shifted and changed for the better since then… It’s truly beautiful how things can progress.

Life moves so fast and requires the need to take time out to reflect and show gratitude for every single step you have taken to get to where you are now. That’s when you’re able to take that time to have those ‘WOW’ and ‘oh shit’ moments! One of the biggest things I’m always reminded of is my finances. I have written and spoken about it before but I remember being in so much debt and I never thought I would get out of it. I’ve referred to it as being in the deep end of a swimming pool and trying to reach the top, but it was always out of reach. I could never get close, until I did. I emerged from that swimming pool all together and it’s something I show love for all the time. To be in a space where I no longer have to worry about things, from once having anxiety about whether or not I would lose the roof over my head is just mind blowing for me. 

Another thing that comes to mind is just being free. My gosh, creating She’s So Audacious and sharing all the things I do is something I never saw myself doing, because once upon a time I thought that I had to have this persona. I had to be this person to be successful or be heard and that meant not having flaws or being vulnerable. I was so wrong, but I’m grateful for experiencing that and being in that space because it has contributed to who I am today.

Remembering when you wanted what you have now will help to keep you grounded. It will help to keep you humble. I am truly grateful for everything I have, the way I embrace life, and the things I have achieved. There is so much more to come but I’m learning to take my time… I’m learning to take my time because in the days when I would move from one thing to the next and the next, I wasn’t taking the time to feel and smell the roses. I was just moving.

This isn’t a tip-focused post, it’s hopefully more of an open and thought provoking one to encourage you to just stop. Stop what you are doing and think about the things that come to mind for you and show love for whatever they may be. It doesn’t have to be big, it could be something small because regardless of the size, everything counts.

What is something you once wanted and now you have? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!

Photo by Rafael Sanfilippo on Unsplash

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