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How To Get Over The FearOf Being Judged By Others

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How To Get Over The FearOf Being Judged By Others

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I was asked a question once which related to the fear of being judged by others. Have I feared being judged by others? Yes without a doubt! This was until I realised that no matter what I do, what I say, what I wear or how I look I will always be judged by someone. 

It’s a sad part of life but we all have the ability to rise above it. Here’s the thing, when we fear being judged by others, we lose a part of who we are during the process. That’s how carbon copies are created and people become a shadow of their true self.

The narrow-minded opinions of others should never prevent us from honouring who we are, and showing up in the world as our true self. Now I understand this may sound easier said than done, but there is always a solution and a way to breakthrough regardless of how things may seem.

With that in mind, I want to share five ways to release and say fuck off to the fear that may creep up due to the fear of being judged.

1. There will only ever be one you

Requiring validation and the acceptance of others will never serve us. Accept and love yourself for who you are, both inside and out. We are all unique beings with beautiful flaws. It’s those flaws that make us stand out from the crowd and draw people towards us. Think about all the things that make you unique and use them to your advantage. 

2. You are here because you have a purpose regardless of what anyone may have told you

Every single one of us has gifts, talents, skills and experiences we can share to benefit others. Long to write an article, want to share certain things on YOUR Instagram, create a video, an audio or stand on stage in front of a live audience? DO IT because there is someone out there who will resonate and appreciate any one of those things and more to overcome what they may be going through or to use it as a prod to step out of their comfort zone and become more of who they truly are.

Stop holding in your greatness and who you really are because the only person you are hurting is YOU.

3. What people think of you is none of your business

What and how you feel about yourself is what actually matters. What other people think is none of your business. If you make it your business, you’ll end up carrying around the opinions of others on your back that will end up weighing you down. What happens when something becomes too heavy? The weight becomes too much to bear and to take further steps forward, it has to be released. Free yourself!

4. Focus on what you can control

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by things you’ll never be able to control. External influences which is everything that is not derived from within will always be there, but the role and impact that they play within our lives is a choice. Have you ever heard the saying “like water off a ducks back?” That’s exactly how to treat the things you can’t control. Let go of them and allow them to roll off.

 5. You owe it to yourself

We have a responsibility and owe it to ourselves to be bold, fearless and free from things and people that can limit our abilities, hold us back and suffocate our greatness if we allow them to. Allow your voice to be heard and your inner light to radiate because whilst we cannot control the external influences, we always have the power to control our internal influences.

I challenge you to fuck fear and move forward audaciously by doing something you’ve always wanted to do in the next 24 hours. Share with a comment one thing you are going to do. Don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!

Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash 

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