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How To Build Mental Strength

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How To Build Mental Strength

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The mind is truly powerful and there are many ways we can build our mental strength to support our personal growth and success. 

With that in mind, I want to spend some time taking you through ten things you can do to build your mental strength.


1. Understand your inner power

When we understand and own our inner power, we have an awareness that we are ultimately accountable and responsible for our actions and the things that may come with those actions. This means you and I have the power within to create and shape the things we want out of life because when you begin to truly believe that any idea you have is possible, you shake the world around you and things begin to look and feel different.

There isn’t anything I want that I think is out of reach for me. It may take me months or years to get there but eventually, I’ll reach it and that’s all that matters.

2. Accept challenges with style and grace

There have been times when I’ve been presented with challenges and I’ve thought, how in the world am I going to do this, get through this or where the heck am I going to start?! When we recognise that the things that are put in our path are there to strengthen us, prepare us for what’s ahead, are life lessons and so on we become and grow into better versions of ourselves.

Challenges are not created to break us, they are created to show us what we are truly capable of, and we are capable of absolutely anything when we choose to accept challenges with style and grace.

3. Focus on controlling the internal, not the external

This links with point one. Everything that is internal, is within our realm of control. We can shift and shape those things. When it comes to the external such as how people feel about us, we cannot control the thoughts and feelings of another person. Yes, you can influence others, but my viewpoint is if someone doesn’t like me I really couldn’t give a damn.

Me trying to change how that person feels is a waste of my time and energy as I have much better things to focus on in life.

Another side to this point is, We cannot control what goes on in the world, but from an internal perspective, we can make a difference to those things. For example, choosing to be a giver and supporting individuals or groups who may be in need for whatever reason, that may be close to your heart.

4. Be okay with being your own source of company

How much time do you spend getting to know who you really are? Do you know yourself better than you know others?

When you know who you are and you can see yourself, not look at, but see deep down who you are that’s mental strength right there because you’ve built a connection with yourself that becomes unbreakable through adversity. You’re able to see problems and situations for what they are and identify solutions to solve them. Be okay with being your own source of company and find happiness and joy from that.

5. Persist, persevere and have patience

For me nothing has come easy, I’ve had to work my ass off to achieve everything I have in life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. By having to persist, persevere (the three p’s) and learning to be patient, I’m resilient and mind strong.


6. Never compromise on your beliefs and what you value

The decisions you choose to make, whether it be in your career, business or life don’t require the approval of others. If something doesn’t align with your vision, goals, values or what you believe in, don’t compromise yourself just to make others happy.

Free yourself and say no if something doesn’t feel right, because not only will it give you more time to focus on what really matters and is important to you, it will retain your inner peace.

7. Be mindful of where you place your energy

Everything is energy and your energy is something that should be protected at all costs. If someone or something is draining on your energy evaluate if you need that person or thing in your life. Another point here is what we tell ourselves on a day to day basis has the ability to shape our future.

When energy is placed on things that negatively impact where we desire to be instead of supporting wherever that may be, that self-talk will start to get louder. If it’s not controlled through self-awareness and flipping the script, the place you want to be may become further out of reach. Protect your energy by being mindful of where you place it each day. 

8. Practice gratitude daily

If we went around complaining all the time about what we don’t have, what would happen to our mind? Being grateful like everything else is a choice. Whilst you may not have something you want right now, it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to come to you at some point.

Fall in love with the process of life and be grateful for everything you do have. Practice gratitude daily for what you have. Take a moment each day to acknowledge and meditate on the things you’re grateful for and make a note of them every day.


9. Don’t shrink because of fear or self-doubt

We have a responsibility and owe it to ourselves to be bold, fearless and free from the external influences that can limit our abilities, hold us back and suffocate our greatness if we allow them to. Just like a flower we were created to blossom and flourish. When you shrink, you end up holding onto the greatness you have within that is meant to be shared and passed onto others.

Allow your voice to be heard and your inner light to radiate because whilst we cannot control the external influences, we always have the power within to control our internal influences.

10. Create your own success

What others are doing should be of no concern. Don’t compare your journey to that of another person. Stay on your game and remain focused on the vision that has been planted within you, not someone else’s because we have all been gifted and blessed to do different things within the world.


What are you going to do to build mental strength? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji! 

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

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