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How Knowing Myself Changed My Life For The Better

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How Knowing Myself Changed My Life For The Better

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“Nosce te Ipsum” is one of my favourite mottos in life which simply means “know thyself.” Being a human being in this world isn’t always easy, being a creative is sometimes even more challenging. 

As a singer/songwriter and dancer I learned how to connect to my inner self through art. When I feel something that I don’t know quite how to express I’ll resort to music. Writing and singing makes it easier to understand my deeper emotions and convey them in the purest and most honest way possible.

I’ve experimented with different types of writing styles, such as spoken word and rap within my music to do so. Dancing, on the other hand, has been a way to defocus from stress and everyday life thoughts. It helps me release the negative energy or the tension I keep inside of me at times. Through these art forms, I can communicate self-love, freedom and confidence, hopefully to others too.

Thanks to my creativity I discovered parts of me that I didn’t know existed and slowly became aware of my own personality, furthermore I learned to appreciate it and express it through the likes of singing, songwriting and dancing. Becoming aware of who I am, has been extremely helpful in relationships of all kinds, professionally and personally.

I know my strengths which include being passionate, determined and independent and my development area which is being too idealist. I’ve defined my goals but I also understand my fears of not being enough and not being in control all the time. I’m passionate about people because I want everyone to feel accepted and welcomed. This has come from Nosce te Ipsum, which has also led me to know what I’m not so interested in, like Marmite… (sorry dad).

Knowing myself has changed my life for the better. Here are some questions you can use to get to know yourself and I’m going to share my answers with you to bring it to life.

“Where am I from? What’s my cultural background?” – These traits might seem irrelevant but they represent you. It’s the start of your story. Here’s my answer. I was born in Torquay, Devon (UK) and lived there until I was six, but then moved to northern Italy, living in a small town near the Dolomites.

Having an English father, Italian mother and living in both countries has led me to understand the diversity of the two cultures and therefore, be more open to others as well. For many reasons I feel deeply connected to both, and wouldn’t be who I am without one or the other, living in London now.

“What have I experienced and achieved so far?” – Sometimes we concentrate on all the things we still haven’t done and forget about the incredible journey we’ve been through! And even if you haven’t done much yet, think of your background and the things that define you as a person.

So far on my journey, I have been part of some amazing opportunities in the Italian dance scene, like dancing for the most famous classical dancer Carla Fracci, as well as working on a show with the production company FGP Entertainment (Venice). Once I moved to London, I focused on my music career, researching a style of my own. In one year and a half, I wrote multiple songs and released my two first-ever singles,

Focused and Tell Me Something, alongside producers Joon Lee and D’Larm, I sang at multiple events and online festivals (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) such as AAA Seminars (Tileyard London), Virtual Vibe Festival (New York) and others. I also appeared on a few radio shows, like Reprezent, Derby Sound and online magazines too. But what I’m most proud of is the connections and relationships I’ve built so far, because there is no such thing as supporting each other and learning from others’ experiences. You can’t go anywhere without people.

“What are my aspirations for the future?” – It’s okay to concentrate on the present (I’d say it’s a must!) but focusing on your future self will help you develop your passions and build confidence.

My future aspirations are RULE THE WORLD (muahaha) – no, but seriously, I hope to inspire thousands of people around the world, spread love and be innovative in my own way, always.


Hopefully, this will bring you to Nosce te Ipsum a little more and flourish as the beautiful soul you are. Thank you Socrates! What’s your motto? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!

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