Helping women own their inner power to live a life that feels good.

Helping women own their inner power to live a life that feels good.

If you have an interesting story that has the ability to help women live a life that feels good or have raw honest tips, advice (or tricks) to share that will help readers to shift their thinking, make bold moves by trying something new or make them giggle then you’re on the right page so keep on reading.

Please read the below guidelines before applying to become a contributor. I will come back to you within 48 hours of receiving your details.

What SSA

Look For:

Posts about mindset, success, dating, love, sex, fitness, beauty, money and wellness (including mediation and yoga).

Posts that are transparent, raw, interesting, personal, actionable and REAL! I want readers to indulge in content that feels they are connecting with a friend (think Insecure and Sex & The City). Posts that contain common bog-standard quotes won’t be accepted, be creative.

What SSA

Are Not Looking For:

Boring corporate-speak content with no personality or spice.

Already published content. Anything you submit must be original. Content that has already been shared whether that be via social media or your own or someone else’s website won’t be accepted.

Posts in PDF, word or pages format. Please submit posts in a Google Doc –  the how to submit section has full details on this.

Post Guidelines:

Be creative with your title. It should be catchy and get people’s attention.

Please make sure your post is between 500 – 800 words – clear, concise and to the point.

Please limit the formatting of your post when submitting. Plain text is preferred any formatting of the post will be taken care of.

Make your post interesting and easier to follow by including subheadings to break up your content if required. Make sure to submit your post in paragraph format. Short paragraphs make Posts easier to read. If you need an example, have a look at posts that are live on the site.

Images will be selected for your post so this is something you don’t need to worry about.

Your bio should be a paragraph that is short, to the point and no more than 150 words. Include your first, last name and role title (if applicable) and two links    see linking policy below.

Link Policy

Please ensure your posts are link free.

You can personally have two links of your choice which will be placed in your bio. Be strategic about the links you include. For example, include two links for where you want to drive traffic to, or where you want to build your audience.

How To Apply:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and your interest in contributing to SSA! Please complete the short form below.

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