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7 Ways To invest In Yourself That Feel Good

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7 Ways To invest In Yourself That Feel Good

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Investing in yourself can mean a mixture of money, time, effort, and dedication among other things. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to do it that feel good!

Sometimes investing in yourself can be misinterpreted as something that requires a lot of money or for a person to be living a certain lifestyle but that’s not necessarily the case. That’s why I want to take you through 7 ways you can invest in yourself based on feel-good things I’ve actually done, and/or still do myself.


1. Upgrade your mind every day

There is so much information out there on more or less any subject we may be interested in learning more about. Commit to upgrading your mind by blocking out at least one hour each day that is dedicated to your personal and/or professional development. This could mean using that time to read or listen to a book, watch an educational YouTube video, Ted Talk or reading a free educational downloadable PDF. Whatever the case may be, acknowledge and celebrate yourself because every hour you spend means you are strengthening your current skills.

2. Find a mentor

Having a mentor to support you on your journey is an excellent way to invest in yourself, but it’s important to remember it’s a two-way street. This means you also need to add value to your mentor in some way shape or form. I’ve had many mentors on my journey and still do. Being able to learn from their experience from both a career and business perspective has helped me to view things through a different lens. There are some things I’ve learned that will stay with me forever. Find someone who you resonate with, reach out to them to build a relationship and ask if it’s something they are open to doing.

3. Set audacious goals

What audacious goals do you have for your life, career and/or business right now? Setting goals is an investment in you and your future as you’re able to clearly articulate and map out those things that are going to add value to your life. Setting audacious goals simply is about jumping out of any boxes and saying “fuck it, this seems crazy but I got this!” I’m not going to give you the whole S.M.A.R.T spiel… I’m just going to tell you to believe, take action and make it happen.

4. Set a budget

How much money do you spend each month on Amazon? Ok, maybe nothing if you’re not a fan of Amazon or online shopping. The reason why I use Amazon as an example is because that damn company is always my go-to for things I think I need (but really don’t) so I end up buying a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

What I’m getting at here is that sometimes it may seem like you don’t have the funds to invest in yourself, but if you were to add up the money you spend on things that aren’t necessary, you could have a budget to invest in something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

5. Start to build your wealth portfolio

This is on my agenda right now, and what I’m referring to is short-term investments, stocks, shares and any other assets that are going to yield a decent return in the long-term. When I retire, I want to be able to do so comfortably and in a way where I can still enjoy and live life. I have no desire to retire and be on the bread line (so to speak), so that means having more than just a pension because that alone isn’t going to be enough.

6. Insure yourself

It may seem like such a boring subject, but it’s an important one as it’s about protection and peace of mind. I’m all about living a life that feels good but that also means preparing for the worst. Life insurance, home insurance and health insurance (if required) are just some of the things you should consider. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing when you know you have protection for yourself and your loved ones should any unexpected situations arise.

7. Take care of your health

Fuel your body with nutrients by eating things that are good for you. Healthier choices will boost your energy levels and help you to feel better each day. Yes, junk food tastes so damn good, and I don’t know about you but I often ask myself “why did I eat that?” after indulging in it because I annoy myself in the end! Alongside eating healthily, take care of your mental and physical health because they are both equally as important. Check out podcast episode 035 on this topic here.


There you have it; 7 ways to invest in yourself that feel good!

How are you going to invest in yourself, or what are you doing already that you’re proud of? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!

Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

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