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6 Dating App Conversation Starters

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6 Dating App Conversation Starters

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Now, I’m not the biggest fan of dating apps but can appreciate everyone has their own views.


I’ve been on Hinge which is a super awesome app, love the concept and how it differs from other dating apps. Bumble is super innovative and I love that it has three sides to it which includes Date, Bizz and BFF. Tinder, what can I say about Tinder… it’s the app for finding someone to fuck if that’s your jam. Happn I used a few years ago and I like the concept. If you pass someone you like when you’re out and about you may see them on the app which is cool. If you’re just getting started with dating apps or looking for different ways to spark up a conversation, here are six for you.

Conversation Starter One: Bring On The Banter

I’ve matched with guys who have put bizarre stuff on their profile which shows they have a fun personality and don’t always take themselves seriously.

If you see something you find funny, don’t be afraid to share what you find funny and why. Laughter is one of the best places to start and it will show the person you don’t take yourself too seriously, which is a good thing.

Conversation Starter Two: Mutual Interests

Use profile information as a foot in the door so to speak. For example, if they have Spotify connected to their account and there is an artist you both like to start a conversation around that. Music is an easy one because you can link it to the last single or album the artist released.

If you both have different opinions on how good a song was, that’s when things get interesting as it allows for there to be a bit of a back and forth before you decide to dive into a different topic.

Whatever piece of information you decide to start with, it will demonstrate you took the time to go through their profile instead of just dribbling at their photos. Now if you’re just looking for fun and you don’t care about getting to know them, the approach you take will probably be different.

Conversation Starter Three: Nightclub or Netflix?

Bumble has the profile question nightclub or Netflix which many people use. If they are a fan of Netflix you can ask a question around a series that is blowing up.

Another option is to get their thoughts on something interesting that may be happening in the world right now, but keep it upbeat. Doom and gloom conversations are a no, no unless you can find humour in it like when toilet paper was flying off the shelves when COVID-19 hit.

Conversation Starter Four: Photos Galore

If they only have photos on their profile, pay attention to the background of where they are in different photos and use that as an opener. For example, if they are somewhere exotic and you are into beach holidays the conversation could start with the last place you travelled to our where you want to travel to next.

Be creative with it as you can also start a conversation based on something they are doing in the photo. I had a photo on my profile of me drinking beer which some men would use to start a convo.

Conversation Starter Five: Show Your Personality

I can’t stand the Bumble “Good Openers” as they are are just cringe so I created my own message that would always get a response it went something like this:

Hi [name]

So I was going to use one of the so-called “good openers”, but it might make you:

Think I’m a nutter

Wonder why I’m asking such a dumb question

Make you hit un-match

Hopefully, this doesn’t do any of the above and instead just makes you smile and reply.

If you’re reading this and thinking “Danielle that’s whack” (smiling as I type this) that’s cool because we all have different personalities so the approach should match who you are.

Conversation Starter Six: The Damn Weather

OK so it can be a super boring one, but if you’re speaking with someone who lives in the same location as you, breaking the ice with a comment on the weather is an easy one that then leads into what that person is doing.


There you have it, 6 dating app conversation starters. Whatever way you decide to start the conversation, be true to who you are and show off your quirks Queen! 


Share with a comment what dating app conversation you’re going to use and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!

Photo: Hinge – Press  

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