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5 Daily Habits to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

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5 Daily Habits to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

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What daily habits do you have? It’s becoming more and more important to develop effective daily habits that serve your higher self.

Rather than trying to keep our heads above water, and survive, we need to thrive. How I thrive and how you thrive may differ, but the common goal is feeling healthy emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Certain daily habits can support our wellness, elevate us, and boost our productivity. The key to building feel-good habits is to start small but keep it consistent. It’s important to create new feel-good habits that take little effort to maintain and that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Replacing old habits with new ones can take some time, so in order to make these habits automatic, commit to at least three to four weeks.

There are numerous daily habits you can begin to build on, but here are 5 simple ones that you can effortlessly start.

Start a gratitude journal or practice

Practising gratitude first thing in the morning is a daily habit that keeps you enlightened. Gratitude is the processing of being thankful for the people and things that you currently have in your life. Practising gratitude could also be the key to having more positive relationships within your personal and professional life.

You can kick start your gratitude practice by keeping a journal, utilising prayer or meditate. I personally enjoy creating gratitude lists and using prayer to give thanks to what the Good Lord has blessed me with.

Move your body

How often do you move your body? A lot of us tend to live in our heads and as a result can feel disconnected from our bodies. Our bodies were made to move, and movement helps us to connect to our bodies. As a Creative Psychotherapist who specialises in using movement and dance in sessions, movement provides a way for us to process our emotions and express feelings creatively. It’s also a great way of reducing stress and alleviating any anxiety you may be carrying in your body.

Deep breathing exercises

Breathing is something we do consciously and unconsciously. Breathing exercises can make us feel calmer, tune into ourselves, and help us to relax. This is a daily habit that can be easily incorporated into your morning or evening routine.

Reflect upon and review your day or week

Reflecting upon your day or week can bring insight into your inner world. It’s also a way to track your mood. Reflection gives you the opportunity to take a look at what you’ve learnt during your day or week about yourself or others, reflect upon any challenges you faced and write down any goals you would like to move forward with. It’s a daily habit that does not have to be implemented every day, so you can be flexible and have fun with it.

Social Media breaks

We often spend a lot of time consuming a lot of content and it can feel overwhelming and draining at times. Depending on your social media usage, having small or larger breaks can create a sense of calm. Taking a break and engaging in an activity that stimulates your mind or brings out your creativity is a daily habit that can keep you mentally well, especially during the current world events.

So there you have it, 5 daily habits to improve your mental wellbeing. What one will you add to your life? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!


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Freda Nomo

Freda Nomo

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