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4 Tips To Effectively Build Your Confidence

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4 Tips To Effectively Build Your Confidence

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You often hear “fake it until you make it”, but what if you could build your confidence so it’s sustainable with 4 simple tips?

Building and developing confidence in the workplace can be difficult. You don’t want to be perceived as arrogant, but you don’t want to be perceived as timid either.

When you are confident, you understand your strengths and your weaknesses. You simply know what you are competent at and you understand the value you provide and contribute to your team. When you lack confidence, you may find that you miss out on opportunities or your contributions are not respected as much within team meetings, and as a result your performance takes a plunge.

By building your confidence in the workplace, you will become more assertive, engaged and find yourself taking on more challenging tasks. You will also push yourself out of your comfort zone (safety net) and have the ability to communicate effectively with your colleagues.

Let’s dive into 4 simple tips to effectively build your confidence.

1. Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements 

Celebrating and reflecting upon your achievements is a simple way of building up your confidence.

Every time you accomplish or achieve anything at work (or outside of work), whether big or small, write it down. Write it down, and pop it in a jar, and you will slowly begin to build a bank of ‘wins’ that you can look back and reflect upon.

2. Monitor and make adjustments to your body language

Body language and posture can convey how a person feels. If you find that you tend to shrink yourself in team meetings, it may be beneficial to practice standing or sitting with a straight back for a couple of minutes a day. This can support improving your posture overtime, so you can stand, stride and walk in your power!

3. Step outside of your safety net

You cannot grow and build your confidence if you do not step out of your safety net.

In my previous job roles, I would often be afraid to contribute my thoughts and feelings, or I would deny challenges fearing that I would fail. This, however, caused me to miss out on huge opportunities and promotions. I started to challenge myself to say at least one thought out loud during a meeting if I generally had something to contribute to the conversation.

Over a period of time, I have been able to contribute my thoughts and feelings to conversations freely and put myself forward for opportunities I used to dream about!

Expose yourself to new opportunities and challenges that enable you to build your confidence.

4. Look good and feel good!

Another simple way to build confidence is through what you wear. Sometimes, wearing clothes that compliment parts of your body that you love can boost your confidence. Simple yet stylish outfits can go a long way. The key to dressing this way is to have pieces that compliment you as a person. 

What will you do to build your confidence? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!


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