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3 Clean Beauty Products for Your Morning Routine

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3 Clean Beauty Products for Your Morning Routine

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Have you been looking for clean beauty product options to add to your routine? If so, this is the post for you!

By 1830, Britain had experienced the first Industrial Revolution in global history. Less than 100 years later, all of Europe and North America had followed with the second Industrial Revolution. Hands-on work was replaced by machinery, saving physical exertion from hours of manual labor. 

However, this technological advancement brought about inventions that, though convenient, were later discovered to be harmful. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) found in most mainstream food products are now proven to create free radicals in our bodies, uncharged molecules often causing cancer. 

Then, we have plastic. Though plastic offers modern-day conveniences, to throw a plastic plate in the microwave, or be near any industrial plant where plastic is burned or broken down, is to inhale toxic chemicals. 

With progress has come regression. Humans have yet to balance advancements with flawless results. However, many companies use this newfound, alarming knowledge to alter product materials, creating clean, safe solutions for consumers. 

Many of us focus on eating healthy and avoiding the brute atmosphere of industrial plants. But what about our beauty products? Do we read the ingredients in our mascara, foundation, and eye shadow? If you are looking for safe clean beauty products that not only work but avoid harmful chemicals, check out this list of three clean items to add to your morning routine:

1. The Clean Deo

Beautycounter creates clean, ethically sourced make-up, hair products, lotions, and more. They are known by their infamous Never List—a list of 1800 ingredients used in beauty products around the world that they refuse to add to their products. These 1800 ingredients have been linked to health concerns from cancer to infertility. 

Their deodorant brand, The Clean Deo, is my favorite. Often, I am skeptical of organic deodorant products. I’ve tried plenty of other brand names that failed miserably. (Quite frankly, I smelled rank before noon.) However, after tons of positive reviews online, I decided to give their clean deodorant a try. 

After weeks of using their naturally scented, rose-infused deodorant (also available in fresh coconut and lavender), I have yet to smell myself once. This deodorant has a rougher surface, though it doesn’t irritate the skin. It requires less application than other brands and the thicker substance prevents heavy sweating that results in unwanted odor. 

Rather than using aluminum and parabens, The Clean Deo includes shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and other natural ingredients.

Better yet, this deodorant leaves zero white residue and comes in a refillable case! A worthy clean beauty product to add to your list.

2. Luxury Lip Tint

I love this second clean beauty product. Whether I am going to a formal dinner or the grocery store, I don’t leave the house without my lipstick. This pop of color leaves my lips hydrated and feminine. For those who enjoy lipstick, or those who simply like a lightweight, hydrating product for their lips, I can’t rave enough about Luxury Lip Tint.

This product is made by Henne Organics, and, as the name suggests, this lipstick is non-BPA, GMO-free, and gluten-free. Instead, they infuse their lipstick with ingredients like castor, coconut, and avocado oil. 

Luxury Lip Tint lasts for hours, even after that second cup of coffee. Yet, it’s easy to remove and doesn’t leave tint stains on your lips. For those who love the pop of color, I suggest True Red and Intrigue shades. If you don’t prefer lipstick yet want a safe, hydrating product to apply each day, their Bare shade is a subtle flush pink that does all the work without any attention.

3. Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

Returning to Beautycounter products, I recommend their Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion for day and night-time application. As a girl who fights oily skin, I was afraid moisturizing my face would only clog my pores. However, this moisture lotion locks in my skin’s natural hydration without creating blemishes. In fact, since using this lotion, I have had significantly less breakouts. 

This product’s signature ingredients include squalane (a natural derivative of olives that creates elasticity), phytic acid (a natural derivative of rice to exfoliate), plum oil (naturally packed with omegas 6, 9 and vitamin E), and shea butter (a natural conditioner). 

Voted as the 2019 Healthy Skin Award by Women’s Health, this lotion is a must for your moisturizing routine. 

In addition to this clean beauty products list, I recommend checking out Beautycounter’s Think Big All-in-One Mascara and Rooted Beauty’s Smoothing Lip Balm.  If you are looking for more beauty posts, check them out here.

What clean beauty product do you use or will you give a try? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!

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