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10 Tips To Prepare For THAT Date

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10 Tips To Prepare For THAT Date

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I love going on dates! Especially when it’s somewhere nice – yeah I’m boujee like that and I don’t apologise for it.

Here are some tips to prepare for THAT date. The one that gets you all excited and wanting to go the extra mile, maybe you do that for all dates regardless. Whatever the case may be, let’s dive in.


Relax a couple of days before with a facial 

I get a facial every month and I love the difference they make to my skin and how they make me feel. The additional benefit is when it comes to doing my makeup I have a smooth canvas to work from.


Book that manicure and pedicure appointment 

Chip nails and/or feet dry like sandpaper is a no-no. Even when I’m not going to have my feet out, I have this vision that my shoe falls off and my feet are dry and overall looking shabby. Now I wouldn’t allow that, but it’s still one of those random “what if” moments that crosses my mind!


Wax that crack! 

Yes, wax that crack, those underarms and book a Hollywood or Brazilian – if you’re a fan of waxing that is. Not a waxing fan? Make sure you have a fresh blade to shave anyway any unwanted hair. Like having hair? That’s cool, just groom it!


Get a decent nights sleep or take a nap beforehand

One of the worst things is turning up for a date tired where you can’t be arsed to converse after a certain point. Sleeping well or taking a nap will ensure you have the energy you need to take you through the night and maybe the morning…


Pick out your outfit

Well, if you’re anything like me you might have to pick out a few to choose from hours before the date! This will avoid throwing clothes around your room and getting all flustered because you can’t figure out what to wear.

That neckline…

If you choose to wear makeup, blend, blend blend! Make sure your makeup flows effortlessly from your face to your neckline.


Drake anyone?

Play your favourite tracks to get you in the mood and increase your energy. For me, it would be Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes album while dancing around like a nutter!


She’s got money in the bank

Look you never know what may happen so be sure you have money in your bank, just Incase something unexpected comes up.


Play it safe

We are grown. As women, it’s important that when we decide to have sex, we take that step to buy condoms. Yes, the man may be the one wearing the condom but it’s going inside you. Play it safe by having your own supply of condoms. Highly recommend Skyn condoms.


Want to come in for coffee?

Would you feel safe and is your house clean though? If so,  preparation is everything. I’m one of those people that thinks: “did I flush my toilet before I left my house?” That’s usually the first place I check!

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and don’t overthink things. Let the day or evening flow. What tip are you going to use? Share with a comment and don’t forget to react to this post with an emoji!

Photo by Khaled Ghareeb on Unsplash

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